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Nearly fifty musicians have contributed their talents to “The Psalms of RA” CD project. Our international ensemble includes people of many ethnicities from across the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Nigeria, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and Iran.

VOCALISTS - Ahmed Asmer, Sonya Heller, Melanie DeMore, Joey Blake, Ken Roht, Phyllis Addison, Karole Foreman, Jill Snyder, John Bennett, Doug Rich, Leo Marchildon, Lisa Rafel, Gary Hanna, Fantuzzi, Ani Williams, Mazatl Galindo and Jim Berenholtz
FLUTES - Vivana Guzman, Mazatl Galindo and Jim Berenholtz
NEY (Middle Eastern Flute) - Jihad Racy and Nejad
OBOE and ENGLISH HORN - Paul McCandless and Keith Sklower.
BASSOON and CONTRABASSOON - Jarratt Rossini and Warren Box
SAXOPHONES - Paul McCandless
FRENCH HORN - Doug Hull and Zack Maupin
TRUMPETS - Jim Dooley and Aaron Reiff
TIMPANI - Kevin Neuhoff
OTHER PERCUSSION - Onye Onyemaechi, Nejad, Kevin Neuhoff, Souhail Kaspar, Fantuzzi, Mazatl Galindo and Jim Berenholtz
HARPS - Ani Williams and Donelle Page
SANTUR and KAMANCHEH (Persian Strings) - Nejad
OUD (Middle Eastern Lute) - Jihad Racy and Tom Chandler
GUITAR - Brian Gore
VIOLIN - Brian Lee, Lisa Weiss, Phyllis Kamrin and Kathleen Dillon
VIOLA - Susan Gulkis
CELLO - Vanesa Ruotolo, Thalia Moore and Gretchen Egen
BASS - Michael Taddei and Steve D’Amico
CONDUCTORS - Mary Chun and Leo Marchildon
RECORDING ENGINEERS - Aaron Reiff and Dann Thompson